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Where do we cut spending?

I called Patriot radio's news show, Breitbart News Daily, to discuss questions about where we can cut spending. I pointed out that a review of government programs is in order. Our government has grown so tremendously, and we have duplications throughout the system. We need to conduct a complete audit and identify redundancy, inefficiency, and/or obsolete programs. Then they need to be restructured or just cut completely.

We also need to start pulling funding from amnesty programs and sanctuary cities. After that, we need to require proof of citizenship for enrollment in federally funded programs. As an example, the WIC program, which is federally funded through the Department of Agriculture to the tune of $6 billion, requires no proof of citizenship to enroll. If people want to donate money to support illegal aliens in need, that's their choice, but OUR tax dollars are not the answer!

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