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It Is Time For a Fair Deal

It is time for the ineffective establishment and the good ol’ boys club to go. People are sick of the “business as usual” attitude in the Capitol Building. We are tired of town hall meetings that give us a “me vs you” sensation and only happen when an incumbent has a challenger. We have got to start changing the way we vote if we want to see changes in Congress.

Career politicians who continue to be elected simply because they drown their opponents in money are killing American democracy. Personal agendas, special interest obligations, and party leadership ambitions have no place in a true representative government. Too many individuals and institutions in government have forgotten the label public servant and what it means to truly be a servant to the people.

Our President is doing his best to truly “Make America Great Again.” He is trying to secure our borders, build our military back up, lower our taxes, rollback onerous regulations, and get rid of the disaster that is ObamaCare. He needs members of Congress who are going to help him do this effectively and permanently.

I will work with our President to bring these needed bills to the floor. I can dedicate all of my time and effort to your concerns and these national issues because I have no obligation to entertain lobbyists and special interest groups. There is absolutely no reason that hundreds of thousands of dollars and up to 85% of a representative’s campaign funds should come from outside their district and state.

I will work hard to put an end to the practice of fixing government incompetence by asking you for more of your pay check. No more asking the working class of America to pump more and more money into programs that are setup to be taken advantage of by people unwilling to work. Let’s get rid of amnesty for illegal immigrants and require federal programs to document proof of legal status. I’ll vote to remove congressional exemptions from the laws THEY pass; specifically, in regard to health insurance. Maybe if some members could see first-hand how bad some of these programs are, they will work harder to improve or get rid of them.

I have lived in the 10th district. I have gone to school in the 10th district. I have actually held a job in the 10th district outside of campaigns and politics. I have a great feel for the mood of the 10th district, but this DOES NOT mean I can assume without listening. I will be a true representative, a true public servant, and I will be visible and accessible to the people in the district.

It Is Time For a Fair Deal! Let me help make the changes you are asking for. Vote Ira Roberts on May 8th, 2018!

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