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Government Reform

Today's American Government has become too big, too inefficient, and too involved in our every day lives. There is basically a bureau, agency, and commission for every single thing we do. Government regulations and reporting requirements have punished small businesses and have especially crippled small banks. We must minimize the government's role in many aspects, and enable the state and local level leaders to make decisions based on what makes sense for their communities. Our federal government should serve in more of an oversight capacity to ensure citizens' constitutional rights are protected and that they are not taken advantage of by other entities.

Our government has also done a terrible job managing the budget. We should act similar to a family sitting around the kitchen table deciding if there are areas they can trim from to save more money. Is there a cheaper cell phone plan that still meets our requirements? If we take advantage of coupons, how much do we save? Our government must start moving our budget through the same process. This would cut trillions from the debt and put us back on track to manage our national budget more efficiently. We have to be more fiscally responsible with our citizens' tax dollars in Washington DC. In what other organization would it be acceptable to approve a spending plan that exceeds the funds you plan to bring in?

I am in favor of reviewing all programs, top to bottom, from most expensive to least expensive. If it is out of date, we will modernize it. If it provides a duplicate service, we will cut it. If it has not provided results, we will nix it for a program that solves a problem and has an end goal. We need a small, productive government, and I am eager to help lead us in that direction!

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